Say Goodbye For Now

By Catherine Ryan Hyde

Say Goodbye for Now by [Hyde, Catherine Ryan]

4 out of 5 stars

Pete Solomon and his friend are out playing when they come across a wolf-like dog that has been injured. Pete’s friend bales on him and it’s up to Pete to try and get this dog help. With some ingenuity, he gets it on an old wagon and takes it to the vet, who refuses to treat a wild animal. He knows of a doctor that lives on the outskirts of town and decides to take it there. Along the way, he comes across Justin, a new boy in town who happens to be African American.  Justin is willing to help Pete with the dog so Pete finds himself a true friend.  They get the dog to Dr, Lucy and Pete ends up staying with “Prince” and getting himself into a lot of trouble with his father. His father is a very angry man whose treatment of Pete is never done with any love or any care. Pete gets a very harsh beating and not just because he was gone but because of who he has become friends with. When Justin is beaten, his father Calvin takes him to Dr, Lucy and all four of their worlds will change forever.

I fell in love with Pete. He knew the score of how things were in his town but he didn’t understand it at all. He was willing to open himself up and even stand up to his father for his beliefs. I loved how his heart opened up Dr. Lucy’s heart. There are some very sensitive topics in this book from prejudice, sadness, child abuse, anger. They are handled with just the right touch.  I am so grateful that I won this autographed copy. It will sit proudly on my shelf.

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