Slightly South of Simple

By Kristy Woodson Harvey

Slightly South of Simple: A Novel (The Peachtree Bluff Series Book 1) by [Harvey, Kristy Woodson]

5 out of 5 stars

This is the first book in a series and I could not be happier about that because I need a lot more of this wonderful family!

When 6 month pregnant Caroline’s husband leaves her for a Supermodel, she goes back home to Peachtree Bluff, the Southern town she swore she wouldn’t be going back to again. Her mother moved them there when her father died in 9/11 and Caroline, the oldest, left as soon as she could and built a life in Manhattan. Caroline’s coming home coincides with her sister Sloane and her sons coming home. Her husband has been deployed. And surprise, surprise their sister Emerson, an actress, is filming a movie there too! With three daughters and grandkids coming home, their mother Ansley has her hands full. She has gone from being alone to having a house full. On top of all of this, her first love Jack has returned and she is has been hired to decorate his boat. There are a lot of secrets, they all have them, so can they all coexist?

I absolutely love this family! They are all so different but their love for each other is so very apparent. I think that was one thing I loved the most because so often, we see families in books so mad at each other but this family would be mad for the moment and then know that they were each other’s everything. The story is told in the alternating voices of Caroline and Ansley.  There are some lovely things said by Ansley about motherhood. They really touched my heart. Everything about this book touched my heart. Having taken care of my mother who suffered from dementia, it also struck a big chord for me when Ansley brought her mom into the mix too. She hit it all right on the head when she wrote about Ansley’s feeling of being a caretaker. I so look forward to seeing what comes next!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review.

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