Into the Water

By Paula Hawkins

Into the Water: A Novel by [Hawkins, Paula]

5 out of 5 stars

After the huge success of The Girl on the Train, which I loved, I went into this one with a little trepidation. It has been hyped, quite a bit. And then there is the old “sophomore slump”. Will the second book be as good as the first? Paula Hawkins just spit in the eye of the “sophomore slump” and knocked it out of the ballpark again! Definitely one you cannot put down and then the little jab at the end…

Jules Abbott is called back home when her sister Nel drowns in the local river. Nel was obsessed with the history of the women who had drowned there, the most recent drowning being the suicide of a young girl. That girl, Katie, was the best friend of Nel’s daughter Lena. Jules and Lena don’t believe that Nel committed suicide and as the police investigate, so many secrets come pouring out. The story is told in many voices and in the beginning, I was confused as to who was who but as you get into the story, it all makes sense. Are all the deaths connected? I don’t want to say too much and give anything at all away.

I loved the twists and the turns, the memories that might or might not be true. All the characters seemed to be unreliable narrators which made for a great mystery.  One is always fun but 6 or 7?! Amazing second novel and as high as she has set the bar, I can only imagine how great number three is going to be!

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