The Simplicity of Cider

By Amy E. Reichert

The Simplicity of Cider: A Novel by [Reichert, Amy E.]

4 out of 5 stars

First of all, how much do you love the title? It has this lovely ease to it, a very homey feeling.  This book is a lot about home because as we know, home is where the heart is. It definitely is where Sanna’s heart is. The apple orchard has been in her family for generations. She spends her days with her father, keeping up the orchard, and perfecting her ciders. Sanna has this unique ability to see colors in what she tastes. This is all written with such beautiful clarity that you will be seeing colors too. The orchard is struggling and as she tries to make her cider profitable, a real estate developer is trying to buy the land from under them. Sanna and her father don’t want to sell but her brother Anders is eager to get it out from under.

Isaac and his son Sebastian “Bass” enter the picture and things might just look up. Isaac and Sanna have an instant attraction but Isaac has his own secrets. He has taken Bass away from home for a reason, reasons unknown to the others. Isaac and Sanna have more in common than they realize. Can they all find what it is they need?

This is such a lovely book. I had a hard time understanding Sanna at first but Ms. Reichert had such a way of opening her up for me. And speaking of Ms. Reichert, what a wonderful writer! Her way of describing the orchard was so vivid, I felt as if I was there. I wish I was there and I don’t even like apples! I have this weird thing with them. I don’t eat apples or drink apple juice but I love apple pie. There were some desserts in this story that had me salivating! I do have her other two books and I must dive into those because if they are anything like this one, I will not be disappointed!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Gallery in exchange for an honest review.

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