Stars Over Clear Lake

By Loretta Ellsworth

Stars Over Clear Lake: A Novel by [Ellsworth, Loretta]

4 out of 5 stars

When Lorraine Kindred goes back to the ballroom that she hasn’t been to in years, memories come flooding back. Especially when her son-in-law wants to figure out how the old ballroom burned down back in the 40s. Lorraine acts as if she doesn’t know but she does remember, everything. After seeing Tommy Dorsey (in 2007!) and fainting, Lorraine has to wonder of this place has some kind of magical quality or is it something else that’s happening to her? The story goes back and forth between 2007 and the 1940s. Lorraine lives on a farm in Iowa where they have taken on prisoners of war from Germany to help when her brother Pete goes off to fight. Lorraine finds herself drawn to Jens, a young German soldier, and their relationship changes everything in her life.

I had no idea that there were around 700 POW camps in the United States during the war. That is definitely not something they teach you in school. I am sure so many of those men didn’t want to go to war either. But this is such a lovely, lovely book. I loved the nostalgia of Lorraine going back and remember her life back then. I had a feeling about something that turned out to be right and I was very satisfied with that. You can feel her anguish when she is put between her family and Jens. You felt her sadness when she couldn’t please her mother, no matter what she did. You could understand why she did some of the things she did throughout the story. And I loved her father! This is just a wonderful, sentimental story. Loved it.

I received a copy of this book from GoodReads and this is my humble opinion.

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