The Sunshine Sisters

By Jane Green

The Sunshine Sisters by [Green, Jane]

4 out of 5 stars

Nell, Meredith and Lizzy are the three daughters of famous British B-movie actress Ronni Sunshine. Ronni has always been rather a narcissist and their father divorced her, remarried, started a new family, and kind of left them in the lurch. As they all grew up, they went their separate ways, not really close as sisters should be. When Ronni calls them back home with what they think is another of her overly dramatic needs, they find out she is ill and wants them to become close before she leaves this world. Nell runs a farm, Meredith is getting married in England and Lizzy is a famous chef but her married life leaves a lot to be desired. Can they reunite as sisters? Will they help their mother with her last wishes?

These sisters are all so very different and yet, all the same. None of them really lets anyone in. They are all afraid of getting hurt, which they are used to with the parents they had. The three leads are characters that have to grow on you. None of them are completely likable but that is okay. You get to understand them in time as we go through their past lives. I did start to lose steam with this story in the middle but it rallied at the end to make it an enjoyable read. I think my favorite Jane Green book is still Bookends and recommend her books for anyone looking for a light read.

I received this book from Goodreads and the opinion is solely my own.

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