Beach House For Rent

By Mary Alice Monroe


Beach House for Rent (The Beach House Book 4) by [Monroe, Mary Alice]

4 out of 5 stars

When Mary Alice Monroe wants to take you to the beach, you happily follow.  We once again head back to that lovely little beach house in the lowcountry.  There is love, heartache, tears, joy, redemption. This time we have Heather Wyatt, a young woman so scared of life since the death of her mother in a car accident that she blames herself for. Heather has been commissioned to sketch the shorebirds for a stamp collection. She is immediately drawn to the little cottage, even smelling our dear departed Lovie’s jasmine. Heather has been living with her father, who recently remarried, and depending on him for much of her life. It’s just Heather and her canaries now. (Which I did not realize had so many different types and my grandmother used to have an aviary with canaries when I was small.) Cara has been wondering just what her life is going to be like, especially when tragedy hits, but she knows she wants to keep the beach house no matter what.

This beach house is so redemptive. We all know that things will work out in the end and I am perfectly happy with that. I went into this book knowing and being completely satisfied. I feel like I was visiting old friends and making a few new ones. Mary Alice Monroe had me at the very first Beach House novel and hopefully, she will keep me reading for a long, long time. This is the perfect summer read. Now, to find a beach…

I happily received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review.

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