Death on West End Road

By Carrie Doyle

Death on West End Road (Hamptons Murder Mysteries Book 3) by [Doyle, Carrie]

3.5 out of 5 stars

Antonia Bingham is asked by socialite Pauline Framingham to look into the death of her friend Susie Whitaker, who was killed in 1990. Pauline has always had a shadow of doubt about her, did she kill her best friend? Pauline says that Susie’s mother is ill and she wants it solved once and for all before she dies. Antonia isn’t a private detective. She runs an inn and restaurant in the Hamptons but she has solved a couple of murder mysteries before. With the help of her friends, she delves into the past lives of Susie, Pauline and some others in their circle. Will she find out who the killer is before time runs out?

This is a very enjoyable read. The descriptions of the inn and really, all of the surrounding area, sure made me want to visit! I felt as if I was already there. I can see me walking along the beach, looking at all the pricey homes. My biggest problem with the book was that it was the third in the series so they talked about things I didn’t really know about, having not read the first two. I think if you pick up this one, you should definitely get the first two. I am going to have to do just that! Another really fun summer read, perfect for the beach, or if you are so lucky, the Hamptons.

I received a copy of this book from Dunemere Books and this is humbly my opinion.


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