Girl Last Seen

By Nina Laurin

Girl Last Seen by [Laurin, Nina]

4 out of 5 stars

Lainey is a woman with so many scars and so much tragedy in her past. She was abducted when she was a child and abused cruelly by a captor that she can’t really remember. When a young girl named Olivia Shaw goes missing, Lainey knows that it has something to do with her abduction, 13 years later! Lainey is such a lost soul but she knows that she needs to do something about Olivia. I don’t want to give a lot of the story away but they have a very deep connection. As she helps the officer who found her the night she escaped all those years ago, can she find some kind of redemption?

This is a very dark book. It was hard to read at times. Lainey’s hate for herself and for her  life, is very depressing. She is addicted to the meds that take her mind away.  But you root for her to find out that she matters and that nothing was her fault. The damage of abuse is so profoundly sad. I liked the twists and turns and did not suspect the outcome at all. I admit there were times that Lainey got a bit annoying and you just wanted to tell her to call Sean like she kept saying she should, but I understood her actions and reactions. Like I said, it is very dark so don’t go into it thinking that it will be light and pretty and all tied up in a bow. It will get under your skin and make you uneasy but it will be hard to put down.

I received a copy of this book from Grand Central Publishing and the review is humbly my own opinion.

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