See What I Have Done

By Sarah Schmidt

See What I Have Done by [Schmidt, Sarah]

4 out of 5 stars

Lizzie Borden took an axe…..

We all know the story but Sarah Schmidt takes us to another place and another way of looking at it all. We are told the story in four alternating voices. Of course, there is Lizzie. She is a very odd woman. She definitely is not all there mentally. She thinks things that most of us would not and she has her secrets. Emma, her sister, just wants to live her live away from her stifling family. She comes so close at one point. Bridget, the Irish born maid, also wants to get away from the Borden family but Mrs. Borden does not want to let her leave. In her anger, she holds her money hostage from her. Their Uncle John hires a man named Benjamin to convince Mr. Borden not to leave his money to his wife. And by convince, he seems to mean any way possible. Benjamin has his own demons and is quite the sadistic character. Though none of us will probably ever know the real story of what happened that day in the Borden house, Sarah Schmidt’s story telling, sure makes me feel like we were there.

This book is very intense. There is an awful lot of anger in this house and you can feel it through the pages. I have read other books about the subject and they were very straightforward but I like how this one made me look at everyone with different eye. I still think Lizzie killed her father and stepmother and this book doesn’t really dissuade you to feel any different but it is an interesting look at the family dynamics.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Grove Atlantic in exchange for an honest review.

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