Aftercare Instructions

By Bonnie Pipkin

Aftercare Instructions: A Novel by [Pipkin, Bonnie]

4 out of 5 stars

17-year-old Genesis and her boyfriend Peter go to the abortion clinic together. She undergoes the procedure and returns later to an empty waiting room. Peter has left. Genesis ends up on the streets of New York , lost in her thoughts, lost in just about everything. She turns to her cousin and eventually is back home facing the aftermath.  Genesis has been through so much in a short time. Her father has passed away, under very sad circumstances, one she tries to hide. Her mother is lost in her own little world, not really wanting to live. Her baby sister has moved in with her grandparents. And now Peter, the one she loves, has abandoned her. She has so much on her plate. Can she find herself, her true self?

My heart just ached for Genesis. Oh, she put on a tough exterior but how anyone could deal with all she dealt with is a miracle. I thought she was written perfectly. I often have trouble reading about angry teens but not this time. I enjoyed the people around her as well, especially Rose and Seth. And I really didn’t even dislike Peter. He had his own issues.  This is a good book for teens to read to understand the enormity of decisions that we make in life. I highly recommend it.

I received a copy of this book from Goodreads and the review is humbly my own opinion.


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