The Woman in Cabin 10

By Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 by [Ware, Ruth]

5 out of 5 stars

Lo Blacklock is set to go on the maiden cruise of a small luxury liner. A few days before, she is attacked and robbed in her own home which leaves her very on edge. She doesn’t sleep. She seems to be at wit’s end. She makes it to the cruise. The ship is smaller than she thought and the feeling of claustrophobia sets in. Needing some mascara, she knocks on the door of cabin 10, the room next to her, for some mascara. A young woman answers and gives her the mascara. After meeting everyone at dinner, back in her room, she hears a scream and a splash from next door. When she looks out her balcony, she sees a blood smear on the window. What happens next is a mystery filled with lots of twists, turns and paranoia.

I loved this book! Everything fell into place so evenly. After that first shock of the news report at the end of a chapter, I was all in, trying to figure out what happened or will happen. Lo is what I might call a semi-unreliable character. She isn’t completely unreliable but she has those few tics that will throw you off.  The little bit at the end was perfection. While I enjoyed In a Dark, Dark Wood, the ending fell kind of flat for me so I was very happy with how this book wrapped up.

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