The Woman in the Window

By A.J. Finn

The Woman in the Window: A Novel by [Finn, A. J.]

5 out of 5 stars

I have read that this is the thriller of 2018 and it very well may be. I hope it is the start of many, many more good reads like this.

Dr. Anna Fox is agoraphobic. She does not leave her house, well, a few steps in the yard with her umbrella, per her doctor’s advice. She wasn’t always this way. She had a child psychology practice with another doctor. She had a husband and a daughter. Something happens, which I will not go into, and she is now housebound. Anna has her computer. That seems to be her lifeline to the outside world. She is on a website for agoraphobics where she does offer some advice. She plays chess. Anna also loves to watch her neighborhood from her window, taking pictures and imagining what their lives are all about. She shares her findings with her husband , whom she talks to a lot. He has their daughter Olivia.

It is in looking out the window that Anna witnesses a murder. Or does she? She is hardly reliable with her over medicating herself and her large consumption of merlot every night. Is she going crazy? Is it real? Is it her fascination with film noir and Hitchcock that feeds into her mind playing tricks on her? You must read this gem to find out.

I love all things Hitchcock and this story was so reminiscent of Rear Window in many ways. Of course, Anna is no Jimmy Stewart, but she is pretty good at thinking things out, even with the state of her mind. Having her be agoraphobic added such a sense of claustrophobia throughout the story. And let me tell you, I gasped aloud on a couple of occasions. You read it and you will know exactly when! This will be a great first book of the year for everyone. It comes out January 2. Don’t we all love to start the new year out with a great book?

I am so thankful to Edelweiss and William Morrow for my early copy of this book. Of course, this review is my own opinion but I know you will all agree.

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