The Fifth Letter

By Nicola Moriarty

The Fifth Letter by [Moriarty, Nicola]

4 out of 5 stars

Four friends meet up for a getaway. They have been friends since high school.  Such good friends…..Joni, the only one with no children, has set up the vacation, as she always does. Things don’t go perfectly and one night, it is suggested that they all write a letter, telling a secret that the others don’t know about. They each type it up on the computer so as not to give it away. But as they pick one letter each day, they seem to figure out just who is who. Their secrets lead to more secrets being revealed and a lot of anger coming out. But, it’s a letter that Joni finds half burnt in the fireplace, that changes everything. It seems as if one of the ladies  is harboring a deep hate and resentment for one of the other women. Enough that she writes about killing her. Can they figure this all out in time to save each other?

This is one of those books that you pick up and right away, know you are going to enjoy it. There are enough juicy little tidbits about each character to keep you intrigued by all of them. Trying to figure out just who hates the other one is the best part! I was wrong but the answer made so much sense when all was revealed. And I loved Father O’Reilly, Joni’s confessional conspirator. The ending made me smile. This is a very enjoyable read and one that made for a perfect ending to my year of reading.


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