The Marriage Lie

By Kimberly Belle

The Marriage Lie: A bestselling psychological thriller by [Belle, Kimberly]

4 out of 5 stars

What a great way to start off this new year!

Iris thinks she has the perfect marriage with Will. They both love their jobs. They have a beautiful house. When news of a plane crash comes, just as Will is flying for business, Iris is happy to know it wasn’t his plane. Oh but it was his plane. Will has died in a horrendous plane crash. As she deals with his tragic death, surrounded by a wonderfully loving family, especially her twin brother, things start to come to light. Iris finds out some truths about her husband that she did not know and when text messages start coming in, threatening text messages, she believes her husband is not really dead. Iris begins to unravel the threads of their marriage and Will’s lies and it leads her to places she could not have imagined.

This is such a good, involved read! Your heart breaks for Iris as she finds out exactly who the man she married was. You will let out a little gasp at the end when she makes the biggest decision of her life. I loved all the characters around Iris as well. Her family was great. Evan, a lawyer, who lost his family in the crash, loved him too. In my mind, I have hopes for him.  Toss in a few surprises and you will not be able to stop turning the page.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Harlequin and this review is completely my own humble opinion.

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