Just Between Us

By Rebecca Drake

Just Between Us: A Novel by [Drake, Rebecca]

4 out of 5 stars

Four mothers, friends with children in the same school, go beyond coffee dates and end up in something very sinister. When Alison notices bruises on Heather, she starts to wonder if Heather’s perfect marriage to Viktor and her life, are as good as it all seems. When there are more bruises and a torn apart kitchen on a play date, Julie, Sarah, and Alison confront Heather.  The truth is revealed and this springs into a motion some devastating events that changes everyone and everything. What are friends for?

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but there are twists and turns aplenty that will have you sitting there with your mouth open. The chapters are told in alternating characters so we get to see just what each person is thinking. Besides Heather’s life, we are drawn into the other three characters’ lives as well.  I am usually very good at figuring out the twists of a novel but this one had me going until close to the end. It has a quick pace which will keep you involved and keep reading. I was very entertained on these past few cold evenings.  I look forward to more books from Ms. Drake.


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