She Regrets Nothing

By Andrea Dunlop

She Regrets Nothing: A Novel by [Dunlop, Andrea]

4 out of 5 stars

When Laila Lawrence’s mother dies, she is surprised at the funeral by her three cousins. Three cousins she did not know she had. Laila grew up in Michigan whereas her cousins live in New York City, raised as the grandchildren of one of the wealthiest men. Laila’s father had a falling out with his father and brother and Laila did not live the same kind of life. The reason for the split is quite a whopper!  A life lived on trust funds with partying and spending money like water, not the way she was raised and she asks herself the question, why not her? Laila wants everything she feels is owed to her. She does not seem to care who she hurts or steps over to get it. Her cousins welcome her into their lives. Liberty, the oldest and probably the kindest person in the whole story, lives her life differently than her twin siblings. Nora and Leo live vicariously off their trust funds. That is what Laila wants and what Laila wants…..

This is juicy deliciousness! I felt like I did in those days when Dallas and Dynasty were on the air. (Showing my age) There is treachery, seduction, social climbing and so much more. I could see Laila’s point in thinking she should have a piece of the pie but part of me wanted to see her downfall. It is a fun look into the lives of the rich and infamous in New York from the parties to the charities to the shopping to those deep dark secrets. It takes a turn towards the end that I was not expecting. This was the perfect escape from the craziness that is this world lately. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Netgalley and Atria for a copy of this wonderful book.

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