Look For Me

By Lisa Gardner

Look for Me (D. D. Warren) by [Gardner, Lisa]

4 out of 5 stars

I have never read any of Lisa Gardner’s books and this one has characters from past books which if I had read, would have made a lot more of some side stories  understandable. But I did enjoy this outing very much and am going to have to go back now and read the others.

A family is found shot dead. The 16 year old daughter and their two dogs are missing. Is she the suspect? Is she fleeing for her own life? These are the questions and so much more that are answered. Flora Dane, a survivor of a horrific crime, goes on the search herself since Roxanne, the teenage girl, had been on her survivor site recently. She matches up with Det. D.D. Warren again to solve the crime. (If D.D. likes it or not)

There were so many levels in this story that went to quite a few diverse places. Some I wasn’t expecting at all. Lisa Gardner can write about the devious mind in the same perfect fashion as a mind that is lost in sadness. I did not expect the outcome and found it to really complete the story full circle.

I will read more from Ms. Gardner. Thanks to Penguin Random House for this book.

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