The Baby Plan

By Kate Rorick

The Baby Plan: A Novel by [Rorick, Kate]

4 out of 5 stars

I wanted a nice bit of escapism and this was just the trick!

Three women, all different, find out they are pregnant and we get to follow along through the tears, laughter, gas, pains, weight gain, etc. Even in our differences, we are all the same. How many of us had strangers touch our pregnant bellies or had someone tell us their birth horror stories? Right?

Nathalie is the planner. Of course, as we know, things don’t always go as planned. Her husband is working a lot and that is messing up her need to plan everything down to the letter. She even has a big plan for how to tell the family that she is finally pregnant, on Thanksgiving! But then her younger sister throws up in the cornucopia with her own announcement.

Lyndi is young, unmarried and not as settled as Nathalie would like.  She seems to work on her own time frame. Hurry is not her middle name. She lives with her bisexual boyfriend/roommate Marcus. He might be my favorite character. I will call him Mr. Mellow.

Sophia is a makeup artist to one of the biggest stars and also already a mother to a teenager heading off to college soon when she finds out she is pregnant. Throw in a rather suspicious boyfriend and it makes for quite a mess.

Though some troubles come their way, it really is a rather joyful, fun book. I enjoyed the three main characters and it brought back a lot of memories of pregnancy. Nathalie’s gas episode is very funny. And the gender reveal party (who started those) was also a hoot. If you want to sit and not think too hard and just enjoy a good read, this is for you.

Thanks to William Morrow for a copy of this fun book.

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