How To Walk Away

By Katherine Center

How to Walk Away: A Novel by [Center, Katherine]

5 out of 5 stars

Margaret has always had a deep fear of flying. Her instincts prove to be true when her boyfriend , who has been taking lessons, takes her up in a little plane to propose to her. Everything is going fine until it isn’t and they crash. Margaret’s life is turned upside down. Everything she has ever known has changed in an instant. She is suffering from burns and she is unable to walk. Now in the hospital, the true colors of everyone comes out. From her mother who tells her what she should be doing, in her own loving way, to her fiance who is suffering in his own little mind. Pshaw, I say to Chip. Her sister Kitty comes back after being gone for three years for reasons unknown to Margaret and steps right into bringing her sister back around. And then there is Ian. Ian, who I pictured as Kip Harrington talking like David Tennant, the Scotsman who is her PT. Do sparks fly? Does Margaret get her life back? You will have to read this wonderful book.

I have read almost all of Ms. Center’s books except one, which I will remedy soon, and this one is one of my favorites. You will fall in love with these characters. All of them, well, except maybe Chip. Margaret is the perfect heroine in all her imperfections. She is just hilarious. It is funny. It is touching. It is perfect. I did not want to put it down and I am sorry it is over. Always the sign of a good book!

Thanks to The Girlfriend and St. Martin’s Press for this delightful book.


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