Far From the Tree

By Robin Benway

Far from the Tree by [Benway, Robin]

5 out of 5 stars

After teenaged Grace gives birth to a baby girl and gives her up for adoption, she tells her parents that she wants to find her birth mother. They have told her all along that she could do that but what they did not tell her was that she had siblings, a brother and a sister.

Maya is the younger one. She is a sarcastic, quick talking girl who stands out in her family of redheads. She is in a relationship with Claire but even her, she keeps at a distance.

Joaquin is a part of the foster system. He is almost 18 and ready to age out but he is now in a loving home with people who want to adopt him. So why doesn’t he want to be adopted?

As the story unfolds, their bond grows deeper in their search for their birth mother and their fears and secrets are revealed. Will they find what they are looking for?

If you are not in tears at the end of this book, you have no soul. I have no words for you. Your heart will be cut right open as you read their stories. You can see exactly why they act the way they do and you can’t wait for them to realize it. Such great story telling! My dad grew up in the system so stories dealing with it, are always something I tend to be drawn to. It adds some light on what he must have gone through. He too, did not have a loving home until he was a teenager. My heart was with Joaquin and my dad. Even if you are not personally touched by adoption or foster care, this book will pull you in, touch your soul and leave your heart smiling.

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