Our Little Secret

By Roz Nay

Our Little Secret: A Novel by [Nay, Roz]

4 out of 5 stars

How far does anyone go for love? It is a tricky question and when you have such an unreliable narrator as Angela Petitjean, you will really have to wonder.

Angela is what I would call a narcissist. She seems to have a very high esteem of herself and a very low tolerance of others. As she sits in an interrogation room with a detective, we learn about her past with HP. They grew up together and were first loves. Now, his wife Saskia is missing and all fingers point to Angela. She feels otherwise and leads the detective on a little cat and mouse game until the very end.

Angela is one of the most fascinating characters I have read in a while. She is so unlikable in her attitude but you feel sorry for her. And then you don’t. And then you do. It goes back and forth with this wonderful writing. Then the end comes. That final chapter that makes you go “Wow”. It is written so it flows very quickly and you are wrapped up in what is happening.

If you love an unreliable narrator (and really, who doesn’t) and a book with that little edge of doubt and suspense, this is the read for you.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press (my favorite publisher) for this wonderful read.

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