The Book of Essie

By Meghan MacLean Weir


The Book of Essie: A novel by [Weir, Meghan MacLean]

4 out of 5 stars

Essie is the youngest daughter of the famous Six For Hicks TV show. Her pastor father and stern mother have raised their six kids in front of the cameras and have a worldwide audience. When Essie turns up pregnant, things are placed in motion by her mother to make everything right for the cameras. She will get married and everything will be peachy. What her mother does not know is that Essie is really the one pulling the strings. She has her own agenda and it will bring up things the family would rather keep hidden.

Essie is a wonderful character. You might be turned off a bit with her wheeling and dealing, especially with Roarke, her fiance, but it will all make sense. I loved the way their relationship progressed and she found exactly what she needed. I wanted to applaud at the ending. (I had figured out early on what her biggest secret was) It really is a great look into the hypocrisy of the uber sanctimonious Christians and also into what the day-to-day does to kids under a microscope on television.

Even if you do not watch reality tv, I think it will draw you in with it’s excellent writing and you will be rooting for Essie too.

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