She Was The Quiet One

By Michele Campbell

She Was the Quiet One: A Novel by [Campbell, Michele]

4 out of 5 stars

Bel and Rose Enright are shipped off by their grandmother to Odell School after the death of their mother.  It is an elite boarding school that their father and grandfather attended.  We know from the onset that one of the twins is dead and that one is probably a suspect. What we learn as we read is just how we got to this point. The story is interspersed with different people being interrogated about events leaning up to the death and then we are taken back to see just what the sisters were doing and thinking.

You can tell you are in the throes of a good book when you find yourself talking out loud while reading it. (Maybe that’s just me!) “How can you be so naive?!” “Don’t fall for it!” That was just some of the things I said and probably the few I can write on here. You will definitely become entwined in these characters’ lives. You might want to shake a couple of them but you will want to see how they work through it all. This is a true page-turner and another outstanding outing by Ms. Campbell. You should also read her book It’s Always the Husband.

Thanks to Netgalley and St.Martin’s Press for a couple of this wonderful read.


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