One Day in December

By Josie Silver

One Day in December: A Novel by [Silver, Josie]

5 out of 5 stars

This book is warm socks on a cold day. It is the most snuggly of the snuggliest blankets. It is that first delicious sip of a wonderful caramel latte. It will warm your insides and make you feel utterly satisfied with the world.

Laurie is on a double decker bus and at a stop, through her window, she spies a guy. But not just any guy. Their eyes meet and something feels electric throughout her body. She knows he must feel it too. Before he can get on the bus, the doors close and Laurie leaves without her bus guy. She never forgets about him though and with the aid of her roommate and best friend Sarah, for the next year they look for him. As Sarah starts a new relationship with a wonderful guy, Laurie is left to wonder if she will ever see her dream bus guy again. When Sarah finally introduces her boyfriend Jack to Laurie, yes you guessed it, he is bus guy! Laurie loves Sarah and vows to keep it to herself. But it is hard to deny attraction, isn’t it? As the years go by, there are a lot of changes and a lot of people that come into their lives. I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending will leave you with all the feels! I imagine it on a big screen and yes, I am pulling the Kleenex out of my purse and crying like a baby.

Josie Silver has written one of the best romantic comedies ever! It is brilliantly funny. It is sweet and joyful. It is sad and tender. It is everything you want in a romantic story and more. I adored Laurie, Jack and Sarah. Even if, at times, I wanted to smack Jack upside his head. The friendship between Laurie and Sarah is wonderful, so much love there.

I picked this book up yesterday evening around 6 and finished it at 11:30 last night. That should tell you something! It is the perfect entertaining escapism. I look forward to whatever Josie Silver writes next and I will have my tissues ready!

Thanks to Netgalley and Crown Publishing for a copy of this wonderful book.

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