The Accidental Beauty Queen

By Teri Wilson

The Accidental Beauty Queen (Royals) by [Wilson, Teri]

4 out of 5 stars

While I was reading this story, I felt like I was in the middle of one of those wonderful little Hallmark films where you know where it’s going and you are happy to be on the journey. That comes as no surprise since the author has created a few of those movies that we all love to snuggle up and watch.

Charlotte Gorman’s sister Ginny is a pageant girl. She has big dreams to win Miss American Treasure, the same one their late mother won so many years before. Charlotte is the exact opposite. She loves books, reading, being a librarian. She is more than happy to fly to Orlando to support her sister, especially since it means spending days at Harry Potter World. What Charlotte didn’t count on was Ginny having a severe allergic reaction to something she ate. What she didn’t plan on was Ginny asking her to stand in for her at the pageant. (They are identical twins!) And she really didn’t plan on meeting Grey Beckham. Can you say complications galore?!

I love how the sisters really got to know about each other. They were so opposite but really, they were not that far apart. There is a great sisterly bond that gets stronger. I also love that Charlotte’s ideas of what pageant women were are changed immensely. This is such a cute story. There is a lot of fun humor.  It is one that you will probably read really quickly and honestly, you will be as satisfied as we all are at the end of a wonderfully sappy Hallmark movie.

Thanks to Netgalley and Gallery Books for a review copy.

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