The Last

By Hanna Jameson

The Last: A Novel by [Jameson, Hanna]

4 out of 5 stars

Washington D.C. has been hit with a nuclear bomb. This message comes across everyone’s phones in a Swiss hotel. Jonathan Keller, an American academic, is at a loss. Everyone in the hotel is stunned. As news of other bombs occur, many decide to leave and some decide to stay. Jon starts keeping a log of their days, in part to leave for someone in the future to find if they never make it. They begin living in the hotel, people running things, rationing food, when on around the 40th day, a little girl’s body is found in one of the water tanks. Jon begins a quest to find out who she was and just who killed her. Was it someone among his hotel mates?

This is such an interesting premise. With everyone from different walks of life and different cultures living together, you get to see the interactions, the fear, the resolve. There is also an eerie aspect as Jon searches through abandoned rooms and their are stories about the devil and a strange boy. Paranoia sets in, as you would think it would. We learn of everyone’s past stories before they became this ragtag group of survivors. You see the change in people.

The  ending had me believing it went a certain way and NOTHING will make me feel any different!

This is a very interesting look at the nature and character of people. It makes you think about how you would react in this situation. I loved the different characters and I loved Jon, even with all his flaws. The hotel itself was a character. The descriptions of the rooms, stairwells, etc. were moody and dark. I felt as if I was walking around it with someone right behind me.

Thanks to Netgalley and Atria for a copy of this book.

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