Before She Was Found

By Heather Gudenkauf

Before She Was Found: A Novel by [Gudenkauf, Heather]

4 out of 5 stars

I have never ever ever been disappointed in a Heather Gudenkauf book and the streak continues!

!2 year old Cora Landry is found stabbed and bloody on the train tracks. What lead to such a horrible crime? Our story takes us into the life of Cora as we read her diary. We also are brought along by the doctor in charge of finding out what is going on in her mind and the minds of her friends and family. We also hear from her friends’ mother and grandfather as they try to sort out just what happened.  Jordyn, a classmate, has bullied Cora and yet she was spending the night with her that night. Violet is new to school and has been working on a project with Cora and Jordyn about urban legends. They are doing their report on a local man who supposedly killed young girls. Is he back? Who has Cora been talking to online?

This tale had some whopper twists! Finding out what happened to Cora was pretty darn shocking. I loved how we saw the happenings through the eyes of a few people. It made you look at it all with different perspectives. I felt so sorry for quite a few of them. I did wonder about how grown up the kids acted, being only 12, but kids grow up so fast these days (I sound old). The ending left me chilled. Heather Gudenkauf is always good for a good chill or two.

Thanks to Netgalley and Park Row for a copy of this book.

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