Neverworld Wake

By Marisha Pessl

Neverworld Wake by [Pessl, Marisha]

5 out of 5 stars

I bought this book after doing one of those online “what should you read next” quizzes. I had no idea about it. I had not heard a thing which is weird because I loved her other books, especially Night Film. Her books are not the norm. Her imagination and way of writing are unlike most authors.

In this story, Bea meets up with friends she has not seen since the death of their mutual friend Jim. After a night out, they are in a car accident. They all feel lucky to be alive but they aren’t! They are in the Neverworld , they have a certain amount of “wakes”  and the keeper tells them that they must choose between the five of them, who is the only one to live. As they are in between wakes, they each handle it differently but we follow Bea who is watching all of them. She knows that the one thing they need to figure out is Jim’s death.

The story is so strange and so riveting. There is a twist I did not see coming. The characters all had their secrets and watching how they all dealt with what was happening was perfect. I almost felt like a voyeur with Bea as she lived the wake over and over trying to see what everyone else was doing.

I am so glad I took the quiz and bought the book!


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