The Chain

By Adrian McKinty

The Chain by [McKinty, Adrian]

4 out of 5 stars

I was in Florida visiting my daughter and grandson so I did not get much reading done these past two weeks. I did read this book and I was chilled. Everyone fears strangers kidnapping their children. What you don’t think about is that you might have to do it. To think that this was an actual thing in Mexico is so beyond frightening. Your child is kidnapped and you are called. They don’t ask for ransom. They ask that you kidnap another child in exchange for yours. You cannot break the chain. If you do, there are severe consequences.

They did not count on Rachel though. She is more of a threat than they could ever imagine. And she is not alone.

I was terrified reading this book. I think because I WAS with my daughter and grandson. Just the thought of the premise of the book gives me chills. Mr. McKinty did a great job of making sure those chills stayed put throughout the story. There is a lot of action to keep you turning the pages. It is fast paced and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Thanks to Netgalley and Mulholland Books for a copy.

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