The Escape Room

By Megan Goldin

The Escape Room: A Novel by [Goldin, Megan]

5 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for that perfect summer read, this is it. It will keep you riveted and I mean riveted! When the elevator doors open in the very beginning, you know that you are in for a wild ride. What happened?!

Four co-workers at a prestigious finance group meet up for what they think is a corporate team building exercise. They enter an elevator, which stops, and the clues begin. They think they are in an escape room, something one of them has done before. It should be a breeze only it’s not. (I am saying that in a Rod Serling kind of way) The clues are personal and the close quarters start to wear on each of them. Dog eat dog has a whole new meaning.

The chapters go back and forth between the elevator occupants and Sara Hall, a woman who used to work at Stanhope. She tells us her story of getting there and what happens to her. It really made the story flow in a very rich way. It lead you to where you needed to be as the reasons unfolded. It was the perfect way to tell the story. You could feel the desperation in the elevator. It was palpable. You feel the dread of something awful about to happen. It is so well written.

I loved this book and you will too. On a side note, the packaging that my advanced copy came in was genius. It was boxed in an elevator design that opened up into someone looking out of the elevator doors.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for a copy of this wonderful book. You never disappoint.


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