Nothing To See Here

By Kevin Wilson

Nothing to See Here by [Wilson, Kevin]

5 out of 5 stars

I loved this book! I mean what’s not to love about a woman who finds herself while taking care of two children who spontaneously combust ?!

When Lillian’s friend from school calls her and offers her a job, she is skeptic but she is really in nowhere land in her life so she accepts. Lillian and Melissa have a complicated past. Melissa is now the wife of a politician with big plans. What those plans probably don’t include are the two children, Bessie and Roland, from his previous marriage. The two kids catch fire when their emotions get away from them. Lillian’s job is to keep them occupied, away from the public eye and keep them from burning everything down. What Lillian doesn’t expect is to become attached to  these two kids.

I loved the relationship between Lillian and the kids. It was wonderful watching the three of them blossom into a family. They slowly figured each other out. They were more observant than they realized. It is a very quick read, hard to put down and totally different from anything I have read before.

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