Follow Me

By Kathleen Barber

Follow Me by [Barber, Kathleen]

4 out of 5 stars

I’m not creeped out, you’re  creeped out. Let me tell you, this book is creepy with a capital C. I think the creepiness comes from not only the writing but because it could happen to anyone with our crazy addiction to social media. Audrey Miller is what is called an “influencer” (a term I loathe) and she has an admirer. We know because we read the story in his voice as well. The story is actually a three point story with Audrey, her friend Cat (serious issues there too)  and Him. All three are completely flawed and all three make this book unputdownable. I was reading thinking “oh this guy has to be Him”. Wrong. “Oh this guy for sure.”  Wrong. I felt such a sense of dread leading up to the end. The end was really a surprise.  It was all very well-written.

Thanks to Netgalley and Gallery Books for a copy of this fantastic read.


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