Writers & Lovers

By Lily King

Writers & Lovers: A Novel by [Lily King]

5 out of 5 stars

I have really been in a slow reading funk lately. It is not for lack of books, we all know that, it must be the times. I picked this one up and felt a peace in my soul. It is so beautifully written. There were lines that I had to read a few times and my heart just went “ah”.  Lily King is obviously a lover of the written word and the process of getting there. I felt all of Casey’s feelings from the beginning to end. She touched upon the loss of a mother so perfectly. It made me miss mine even more. As Casey struggles through life’s changes, we read of her past and root for her present. It was a pleasure to watch her work through everything to reach the place she needed to be. It has a wonderful cast of characters, some you love and some you will love to hate, but you will feel and that is what a great book is all about.

Thanks to Netgalley and Grove Press for a copy of this wonderful book. It is all my opinion but I think you might agree.

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